UCan Promotions can help with all your business, brand, or personal promotional products and clothing needs.

Why we do it

We believe with the proper tools and the right attitude you can achieve whatever you choose!


My son, Michael, is just an example. If you’re having a bad day just ask someone close to you, ‘hey, how you doing?’ and you’ll find you don’t have it that bad after all. It’s our responsibility to be there for those who need us. If we can help, we need to help. UCan Promotions is here to advocate for those who need the help


Defend: Many in our society are weaker than most of us for one reason or another. If you were one of these weaker people and you needed someone to defend you – would you want them to be there for you? I know I would, just in the same sense that if I know someone I can defend someone I will. I bet you would too. UCan Promotions is here to defend those who need defending.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


How lucky are we that we’re able to give kindness and generosity to those who need it and to those who we choose? I love seeing the smile on Michael’s face when he does something nice for someone else. It’s typically followed up with a, “No problem!” UCan Promotions is here to care for those who are less fortunate than us and that’s a lot of people because we feel we are blessed!

Our Work

We have worked with some amazing brands and businesses throughout Central Wisconsin and even the nation.

If you would like to know more about how we helped these businesses and what we do 

What our customers say

Don’t take our word for it, see what our past customers have said.

UCAN Promotions is not only a wonderful locally owned business, but they are wonderful people too!  Scott & Michael take care of everything that we throw at them which includes lip balm, drinking glasses, shaker water bottles, suitcases, bags, and clothing.  The wide variety of items we can personalize through them is amazing!  We are ready to jump into our next project with them.  We are truly blessed to have them and their business working with us and the community!
Deborah Young | Young's Drug Store

“Dude, your service was awesome! We were first attracted to doing business with UCAN Promotions when we heard about a Father-Son Team that was in business to make a difference in the world around them. After working with them on a couple of projects, we wouldn’t even consider working with another company. With Scott and Michael’s help, we have Dads all over Madison wearing our T-Shirts helping bring attention to our cause. Cheers! ”
Eric | Organizer, Madison Dads Group


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